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Chat Room Rules

We strongly believe a chat room should be a free space with no police like staff, but some rules are needed to keep a balanced chat room. If you see any rule breakers please report them to an Admin or Moderator with a screenshot for proof.


– No Spamming At All. Spamming will result in a mute and a ban if consitent.
– No creating more than 3 accounts per IP address. If found, those extra accounts will be banned.
– No sharing mature content outside the 18+ Room. We cannot control everything, so please use the blur images option in your profile.
– No mature content in your profile pictures. You will be banned immediately if found.
– No promoting. Sharing links to “make money sites” or any other website is strictly forbidden. Social Media is allowed.
– No harassment. This includes stalking, bullying or anything in that category. 
– No bug abusing. Please. If you a report a chat breaking bug you will be rewarded with free VIP. 🙂
Any rule breakers will be muted or banned with no time limit. If you wish to lift these punishments, please contact an Admin or Moderator. You may also email the owner at
[email protected]
with your account email address and account name.