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All old updates I logged. Might be in an odd order but I believe it’s important to show the progress anyway.


Disabled drawer selection by adjusting the colors to always be the same
Now userList online marker is always visible and trails on the users name
Updated userList row view to look like notifications
Fixed notification error where a post was deleted
Fixed the message alpha for sending, it now updates 2 times to show both phases
Added popup image for profile background if not current user profile
Added post count to profile post button
Fixed profile picture issue
MainDrawer now refreshes every minute with a handler
Removed email verify send on login / now its only for register
Added badge to show notification count in drawer. We can’t update it sadly but we might be able
to either update the drawer in a handler or with notification event flags
Removed handlers for all post frags
Updated blocking to work like contacts ๐Ÿ™‚ finally – Fixed UserIgnoreList too
Profile user posts button now hides for the current users profile
Fixed post reply button message count display. Works great now and capped at 99
Posts threads now act like public threads but with a different path: post-threads which are all public. this fixes the db rules
Creating posts thread should now be fixed. Tweaked some rules, fixed the joinOrCreate thread function to check if its null
If its null it creates a new thread with the post owner as the creator else it adds them to the thread before opening the intent

Added new gif login background that loads with Glide
* Users posts work anytime because they’re not tied to a user.. for some reason users don’t actually
load until they’re logged in. I get it’s good on a larger scale but it’s annoying
Sadly users friends don’t load without them logging in.. Had to remove the friends button in profile
Redid profile friends list to be more stable
Redid profile loading to be smoother and cleaner
Added a new button in profile to show user posts
Added default background for profiles if they don’t have one set
Added new icons for drawer
Created new single post activity to be used for notifications – Works great, opens up the post in a new postfragment
Added new emojis and turned it into a scrollview with a fixed height so no need to worry about the size anymore


Fixed emoji sheet size

Profile: status now gets hidden if it’s empty + both dividers

Now if a users friend makes a post it alerts all their contacts if the contact has added them as well – extra is post id
Added a new string to notifications for extra data
Fixed notification deletion from user. It was because i used Long instead of long lol…
Added max lines to notification view to 3 and removed maxLength
Added click for notification friend request. Now visits the senders profile
Added single long click notification deletion
Finally added an in-app notification system – Is a new tab, blocks notification spam with preferences, used for adding friends, banning, muting so far,
uses connection type and sets a user on it, added date for sorting


Website is fixed it was just the mem limit – pay 3$ on the 18th of april
Post threads now get pushed on creation – Other users can’t chat in it idk
Profile picture now has a different alpha in the gallery


Emoji popup now doesn’t close when you type in the keyboard
Popup images now zoom in / also added popup background 90% transparancy
Fixed name issue when logging in
Fixed emoji popup posistion for all phone screen sizes


Believe I fixed notifications sending when you’re in the same thread. The notify boolean now sets
when the chatactivity thread gets set instead of just onResume lol
Re-enabled notifications. They work fine but they still send the notification if they are actually in the thread intent
Fixed server rules for the bot. Bot is now back to normal
Found a bug for new TextViewWithImages. When it sees :something: and it’s not a drawable it crashes. Wrapped it in try & catch for now


Tested post deletion and it works but sometimes public posts don’t load? Until you restart the app
Disabled guest logins. Might not even allow them
Added x and y for emojis to be based on screen size and fixed popup display to wrap content
Finally added custom emojis! Uses text span in custom textview. Resizes images to 60×60 set in chat bubbles, profile status & post content and title


Added email verification on registration and login if not verified – Might add limits if not verified??


Max limit for uploads is now 2mb
Fixed null messages loading in threads – Just need to know why they’re null
Fixed public post threads by switching posts in db to single main column – Seems like it works great but we need to test it on a larger scale


Removed private threads tab and added the chat bar to public threads /w profile and private activity buttons – It improves loading 10 fold
PrivateThreads Tab was making loading incredibly slow…


Added public posts tab – Works good but doesn’t load without cache.. It’s because it doesn’t load recently registered users?
Updated glide lib – Doesn’t need on failed load because it handles the gif etc


Fixed youtube message layout dimensions
Auto join thread now joins one with people if not it just joins one with space
*Everything seems to work fine on firstlogin etc
Profile header in drawer and image now opens profile activity
Removed profile tab due to it not loading with profile load fix
Spam prevention set when using @bot commands
Removed profile fragment updating twice – Useless load and fixes the profile bg issue – was reloadData(); on initviews
Post thread now creates when the post is made instead of on pressing reply (Reply still has the creation just in case) – This is to assure
the post creator is the owner
Post threads: Uses a new post type, chatactivity exits for posts, doesn’t allow deletion unless the owner deletes the post
Added thread creation for post replies – Added little reply button – Each thread is for post id


Added blur option to thread images and posts (Now blurs gifs with glide)
Thread messages now use imageview loaded with glide – Now shows full image
Due to new db rules users cannot send messages for others so the bot is broken
Had to switch to user typing for now
Added max file size for sending images (4MB or 1024 / 1024)
Fixed post image size now shows the full image
FINALLY! Added gif functioning for profile background and for post images
Disabled change pass option for guests
Youtube player now enables background play
Youtube player now doesn’t allow to exitfullscreen

Re-added take photo chat action and added camera permission check for MediaType takePhoto
Fixed all permission requests for uploading and saving images – giphy, send image, upload post & profile image & bg – ProfileFrag bg doesn’t show toast
Fixed close button for popup images
Re-added name changing for staff & vip
Added click popup for post images
Added image upload for posts.
Scraping the likes for posts.. have to link each like with a user to prevent like spam so not worth it
Centered post title and content text
Added onclick to post icon and name to open users profile
Added max length to edit profile location, phone, name
Made create post content multiline with a cap of 150 – The caps are only in the xml
Made profile status et multiline with a cap of 150
Holding a post in my posts allows you to delete it
Added create post activity – is minimum for now but it works great
Drawer logout button is now a sticky item at the bottom with index -1 so it doesn’t interfere with the other items
Fixed drawer posistion so it’s completely stable
Added my post tab for private posts
Successfully added a post system! Figured out how to use greendao. Works like contacts – Implement blocking like this look in db rules for structure
Removed pre permission before using options: Test sending gifs and uploading images on multiple devices. Last time it crashed
so handle that in MediaSelector.


Added finish to thread creaion user selection
Thread creator can kick users from threads idk about staff
Removed kick option from messages. It should only be in the current user list
fixed db rules so admins can edit thread messages and edit members meta – It’s completely client sided now
Removed 18+ chat limit for guests
Removed edit profile restriction for guests
Guests now get the same default name as everyone else to force them to change their name
Guests now get their name set to Guest on logout. Sadly we can’t detect an uninstall but it shouldn’t
be much of an issue.


Finally imported all settings for firebase so it nests and runs faster
Fixed title updating for drawer on selection


PrivateThread handler has been increased to 30 seconds
Removed public thread handler because it stacks and lags the app a lot
Added kick user for staff or thread creator && !isMe and not for 1to1 in threaddetails user list long click
Added kick user message action for staff or thread creator && !isMe and not for 1to1
Guests no longer show up in search activities for adding friends and adding friends to threads
You can now long click a contact in the Friends List to delete them


Profile bg is now an imageview loaded with picasso
Replaced slow loading gif loading with Glide which works so much faster
Guests can no longer join the 18+ room
Admin: clicking the flag for a user shows their ip
Added ip to user dataset – Updates everytime they open the app – Will come in handy later
Profile frag now uses gif image view and scales perfectly – To use gifs we have to upload the same way as chat does
FInally fixed the size of pop up images


Added a privacy policy to the login page
Added a new way to change your password in edit profile. Works great and requires reauthentication
Fixed max picture limit
Redid giphy search alittle bit to match the theme
You can no longer send messages in a thread you’re not linked to
Deleting a private thread now properly removes all users so we can use it to block messages – Should solve the delete issue since removing users
is faster
Ok i think i fixed thread deleting. It doesn’t crash anymore and works fine. Only issue: Sometimes it doesn’t
update the thread as deleted probably because slow internet so when a user creates a new thread it stacks it and
bugs out
Disabled notifications for now – shared().handleLocalNotifications();
Added Other as a gender which is now the default choice
ThreadListAdapter now stops the handler onPause
Fixed last message in thread to work perfect and faster
Disabled loadMessages when refreshing in chatactivity, now just reloads the data because it
was bringing back old messages??
Added new default profile pictures
Enabled anonymous login again and sets them as guest
Added new rank GUEST
Guests now get their name set to guest so they bypass the profile requirements
Guests cannot edit their profile


Chat Activity chat button now opens Messages activity
Added notification badge for thread message icon: adds all unread message count together – uses handler
VIP & Admin no longer see ads
Placed ad on top of thread lists
Placed ad banner under text edit in chat activity – It’s super easy to place ads!
Added a way to alert users about updates until the app is in the store
Added report message action – non functional for now but it seems like it works
Notifications are only for background now – Should fix the shitty system for now
Fixed lastonline updating



Ok so everything should work with removing them from public chat – only issue is thread details not
showing user when they start a chat in someones profile and go back
Starting a chat from a profile removes them from public threads forcably because the boolean
Finally restricted 18+ chat room to 18+ only
Add char limit to admin change username in profile and check if the same name
also have to update their drawer somehow – Added but idk how to update drawer without a tick
All set last date is now properly using currentTime
Notification null intent now goes to splash screen instead of home
Added staff filter to message fragment blocking
Fixed create thread and add users blocking, private mode – Doesn’t filter them just doesn’t allow them to toggle the user
Added an option to change username holding the name on profile frag for admins
Added block option for long click private 1 to 1 threads with delete as 2nd. If its not its just normal delete
Opening search dialogue now requests focus and opens up the keyboard if there is no users found after updateUsers is called
ChatActivity back button always removes a user regardless of boolean
Added remove from public threads when you open a notification – Works with onPause()

Country code now gets set based on device if it’s empty
Banned or muted users now cant add users or create threads
^ This is to prevent when users got muted or banned for spam
Private thread now only shows threads youre a part of
Now when deleting a private group if its the creator it deletes it entirely else it just leaves the thread
Admins can no longer delete any thread
Added blocking, private mode to search user and add user to thread fully
Edit profile back press now just exits without saving unless default name
Added an option to show your birthday in profile edit and it hides in fragment
Birthday now shows the full year
Private1to1 has been perfected!:
MessageFragment now updates threads every 5 seconds so it fixes updates
Removed a boolean that was preventing updates
Disabled reuse threads
When a user deletes a thread it removes both users, deletes the thread and messages and forces them to create a new one
When a user tries to chat it kicks them out the thread if its deleted
If they have a thread and they try to create one it joins the old one
Fixed getBlockList
Adding users to threads: Now removes user from list if they blocked the current user and for private mode options
Readded reuse thread function – Test to see if the deleting is still broken
Sometimes removing a user from thread on exit doesnt work – Seems to work fine now added remove from all public threads
for appbackground manager


Users can no longer join a thread through notifications if it is: null, they are not in the thread or if the thread has no name
^ It just sends them home if they click it
Notifications no longer send if the thread is: null, other user is null, theres only one user or the name is null
ThreadListAdapter handler stacks so it messes up last message – think i fixed the issue with the last message
Mute notifications text doesnt update in thread details – Only for admin? when they have the option
to edit the thread – fixed
Take a picture doesn’t work on newer androids – Removed the optionย 


Blurred login background and edited the color overlay
Add options for blur etc – Added options in edit profile – Blur and auto join on open
^ Blur doesn’t blur gifs for some reason
Admin and mod now have a unique message name color
Added blocked etc function to adding users to threads
When user tries to chat with someone while they are both in a private group thread
they cannot create a bew 1 to 1 chat it goes to the group – Fixed to effect only 1to1
Staff can now pm people with closed or friends only pms
Added @bot commands. Works perfectly

Add a way to clear all thread messages & all user messages from thread for banning etc – Added as chat options
Now when you select the youtube option it shows an action builder to submit a URL. – Works perfect, fixed delete issue
^ Added validate youtube url and overrode positive button to not dismiss on error
Now when you send a youtube url it shows the thumbnail and title -> onClick opens a pop up window
to show the video and on close it releases it. Works amazing.
When @tagging someone it now focuses etMessage and opens the keyboard
Pressing a message image now hides the keyboard
Reload data seems to scroll to the bottom a lot.. its annoying – fixed i think
Remove block option from thread image click when viewing staff – fixed
LinkableTextWrapper now clears links on gather to prevent mess ups
Fixed profile fragment hiding to completely remove its dimensions
Logout now removes users correctly from public threads
Fixed availability updating on log in, log out, active & inactive – Works perfectly (FirebaseCoreHandler)


Added last online base handler which fixes the availability icon and 1 to 1 subtitle
Sending a message now hides the keyboard to prevent spam
Adding users to threads is now limited by max amount
Disabled youtube option now just shows a toast
Added giphy search option to chats – Sends and works perfect
Blocked & friends list button has been changed to add block button style
Added blocked list to profile – Works like friends list and has the ability to remove a user on click
Added new pop up window for image viewing in threads
Remove thread image limits so were allowed to send gifs and the popup animates them too
Fixed swipe refresh to reload chat data
Removed image cropping for everything but profile images to skip compression etc which effects gifs


Link for user doesn’t link if the user is null
Link for user now ignores caps for color change
Link for user now turns a different color if it’s the currentUsers name
Fixed checkbox color for user list
Removed profile custom color. Doesn’t look good at all. Might re-add if we do a profile recustomize
Users no longer leave the thread when clicking the bar buttons or viewing profiles in the user list
added bar in chat activity for user list, profile & chat room list


Added thread user count now shows in thread title when viewing the details & updates on events
Thread users count now update every 10 seconds.
Thread date doesn’t show now.


Implemented friends list in profile perfectly (On click views the profile, looks like search activity but has no search)



Turned off reply to message to prevent that bug
Still has the chatsdk icon – fixed
The mark as read has no purpose – removed
When using the reply it sends but the loading icon doesn’t go away – Works sometimes? (NULLED)

Users are now forced to edit their profile if their name contains ChatWave (default name)
^ This happens everytime they open the app just in case they close it
^ users must set a name following rules; users must set their birthday
^ scrolls to name or date view and shows them a message
^ set date min and max years for min age 13 and max 99
^ set layout design so it always uses a spinner to make it easy
^ Users can no longer change their name if they already set it, same goes for their dob
^ Name now restricts any character besides Aa-Zz and numbers
^ Works great. Only way they can bypass this if they open an old notification; but they can’t chat unless they change their name


Made thread user icon a little bigger
Added new background image to profile fragment – When clicked it goes to upload screen, when its not null it shows options
^ Resizes and everything; Saves as meta url; Works perfect
Added new custom alert style


Forwarding messages now follows muted, banned and all other rules
Click Message bubble is only for chat options
Clicking name is the same
Added mention option to icon options
Clicking on the user icon now only shows the options
Removed urls and emails for auto linking in messages


Added pm options to be Open To All, Open To Friends, Closed in Edit Profile – Enforced on all chats like blocking
Disabled user profile link in BaseMessageViewHolder for chat activity (It’s not really needed, might re-add)
Fixed onLongClick for the bubble and the text (Sometimes it clicks the actual link ๐Ÿ™ pretty annoying)
Added confirmation builder when clicking on a http link
Emoji icon on textinputview now changes based on if it’s showing (Had to create a custom edittext to achieve this on back press)
Clicking on profile images now @s the user instead of going to their profile (Because all the links were making it hard to click)
Chat messages now use the linkifier to show all options. Set click for all but hashtags
Added options in new linkifier to enable/disable hashtags, users and links
Added a new custom profile linker with @Owner etc in the profile fragment status text
^ Can be applied to any TextView and customized – Works great and made sure no errors will occur
VIPS can now delete their messages/removed delete for sender
Bubble color now sets the profile fragment background color if not default, if is vip or staff
Profile picture upload now crops as square to fit new profile layout
Profile image is now a rectangle with full width
Clicking on a message bubble now adds the message senders name with @NAME in the edit text if not the current user (BaseMessageViewHolder)
Created domain – Firebase emails now send with this domain
Profile status edit text is too small in height for emojis – fixed
Login icon is now large
Email is now invisible unless Admin
block button is now invisible when viewing staff profile
Added gender and birthday to profile – saves, edits fine and shows in the fragment
Make a new icon – done


Implemented emojis with this nice library
Added emoji button on the text input view bar
Fixed edit profile layout – Now everything is a child of the toolbar so it stays on top and removed useless relative layout
Users can only use the color picker if they are VIP or Staff
Added color picker in edit profile. works great and saves perfectly.
Add more colors to random color and set all uses to configs randomColor – done
Set users with no ranks color to a default one – done
Make users names in chat bubble bold – done
Added new string for user meta: bubble color; Users now get a random color on first launch
Drawer now updates profile pic on upload and delete picture to check for default changes
Added a new boolean to check if default picture is set for the avatar url. replaces crappy index.get(0)
Profile pictures no longer sort to make the default one at the top
Added onLongClick for message profile image; Now shows block, add friend and view profile
Fixed message click going to profile; Now only clicking the users image does
Image message size has been limited
Messages layout has been redone; It now shows the users name and can be edited easier
Added max text character limit in config – maxCharacterLimit
Added max limit of search users
Searching for friends now shows all users in the db (IF !me and !exisistingcontact)
Blocking is now consistent – Wouldn’t update users block list sometimes


Edited login errors to show invalid email and password seperately
Fixed muting and banning updating. Added a new pushUser(User user) to update users anytime
Users can no longer message users 1 to 1 if they are blocked
Disabled account switching in drawer
Users can no longer see chat options (Send image etc) If they are muted, banned or blocked in 1 to 1
Users no longer see messages from blocked users (Hides and unhides based on blocked on reload)
#also added it when user is sending the message and both are in the thread
#Works perfectly even blocks image messages


Implemented blocking. Updates db and everything.
Users cannot start a private chat with the user if they are blocked. – ProfileActivity


Implemented blocking but it doesn’t seem to update the db
Staff can now delete messages

Banning now prevents users from sending messages and editing their profile
Added image blur to thread images – ImageMessageViewHolder (This should help with naughty images)
Figured out how to properly add a toolbar; Add it to edit profile and re-add the floating save button & title – Done
Resize image in thread when user sends it – Fixed in dimen.xml, ImageMessageViewHolder
Sorting still happens when you update the thread – Fixed in AbstractThreadHandler
Reversed the order of public threads – Collections.reverse – Had to remove to fix the order
Random chat join should be based on the actual sorting if not full – Fixed, now gets the list in order


Removed public thread sorting, now it sorts based on date created only – ThreadListAdapter
When you delete a private thread it still shows when you reload the app – Fixed, PrivateThreadFragment now updates thread as deleted
^ PrivateThread list now filters threads set as deleted
Friend search now shows active users in public threads – Should add entire user list limit to 500? per page – ChatSDK.db().fetchAllUsers()
Add friends and search activity for users is fixed and updated – SearchActivity
Fixed create private thread user selection & interface
Muted also blocks them from chatting with people – Fixed, now its only for public threads
When you send a message it doesn’t create a conversation view for you only the other person – Seems to work fine
When you send a message it creates a new thread instead of joining the original – Fixed in ProfileActivity
When you exit a private chat is deletes it – Fixed in ChatActivity
Fixed edit profile
Fixed the profile picture grid – Added toolbar
Removed logout button from edit profile


Fixed the toolbar situation. Drawer works perfect now but it broke a lot of stuff
Fixed profile image not loading in drawer
Added the toolbar to a lot of missing actiivities
Changed a lot of the ui color


Figured you cannot force a user to edit their profile at launch
Edit profile now saves on back pressed
On second launch it now attempts to join a random room that isn’t full


When you view a profile in a public thread and press back you can’t view another – FIXED
Added mute & ban buttons for staff in profile activity
User now gets removed from all public threads on logout
Thread chat layout got merged. When users send messages it stays on the same side as others.
Users cannot chat in threads if they are muted.
Added mute and banned key in User & added the meta to the db
User now gets removed from thread on exit or back press in a thread & on menu home press
Drawer now updates when the username is changed.
Edit Profile now checks if a name is already taken.
Added a way to get all users in the db keys.
Figured out how to update thread meta in the db
– Fixed deleted, now sets a key to actually save the key – Look in TODO if you want to remember


Profile name length can now only be longer than 3 and shorter than 12


Added a little trick to fix chat rooms not showing on first launch
^ Sets a firstlogin boolean to preferences on first launch. If its not enabled it goes to the profile, else goes to public
Changed profile images click to show certain options (view,set default, delete, cancel)
– Replaces hold action to be simpler
Non admins cannot edit threads anymore unless they made them also removes menu item (They can still mute them)
Learned public threads do save users. Added a new fragment to show user list on pub thread details
Profile Activity now doesn’t show chat option if its your profile
Removed public thread lifetime minutes – Fixes threads getting hidden ๐Ÿ™‚
Removed publicChatAutoSubscriptionEnabled not really sure what it was for but
this fix should remove users from chat on exit all the time


Added seperate layout for public threads to remove search bar
Main home button in action bar now opens the drawer
Back button now closes the drawer
Fixed shutdown on back
All logout buttons now give a warning before logout
Added logout to drawer
On logout cancel in drawer i fixed the selected hover to stay on the current page instead of logout
Changed rank logo in profile
Changed all profile icons –
Changed actionbar home button icon in main activity


Added back button exit app popup menu in MainDrawActivity (Leaves the others alone so they dont exit)
Removed icon for menu in profile picture editor and public chat
Profile pictures max pictures now get set based on rank
Added id and max pictures int in Rank
Seperated enum Rank into class RankUtils
Pressing the icon for the materialdrawer will go to the edit picture page
Edit Profile now changes the action bar title
Added custom viewpager to disable swiping
Swapped tabs to side menu and fixed the viewpager
Changed main color to purple
Disabled search in publicthreadfragment
Added option to disable the search bar ThreadsFragment


Added an option to delete threads as owner or admin
Admins can now only create threads (PublicThreadFragment)


Added name on top of date in public chats
Added rank for user, vip, mod & admin
Rank now sets to user by default (UserWrapper)
You can no longer block staff


Clicking on image icon in chat now goes to profile if not current user
Swapped login and register button
Fixed email in profile its completely uneditable
Swapped the login screen icon
Changed the app name to ChatWave
Disabled anon login button


Fixed forgotten password dialogue and text. Now much smoother and easier to read and work with
Made toast message appear a lot longer
Switched to personal firebase